Energy Treatments

Don’t let stress rob you of the strength
you need to get through the day.

Relaxing Reiki treatments from an experienced professional.

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If you’re living with stress, your body knows it.

It makes no difference whether your stress comes from physical, biochemical, or mental and emotional sources, your body will express it and deplete your energy. Your auric bodies and chakras will become blocked and if not cleared, these dysfunctions can even lead to physical illnesses.

Reiki, a relaxing natural treatment, stimulates healing and stress reduction by clearing your systems and rebalancing your energy. As a result, your body will move toward its optimal functioning level and begin to heal itself.

Receive healing treatments from Patty Johnson, LMT, CECP, CBCP, at Total Body Wellness.

Reap the benefits that come with her experience of 15 years as a Reiki master. She will help you clear your auras and chakras so you can repair and rebalance your energy.

Visit us¬†today. You’ll feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable in the welcoming environment at Total Body Wellness.